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Evergreen Project

Evergreen Projects is about you, your mental health and improving the local environment. If you feel able to join a group of motivated men who feel passionately about improving the local area. Look no further than Evergreen Projects! We offer the opportunity to get out in the open air and improve the local environment. Being a part of a group of men who are sharing a common situation helps develop a bond and friendship with the team. It is great way to meet new people and connect with nature in the local forests near Bewldey, Kidderminster and Worcestershire as a whole. Find a new purpose and start a new chapter in your life. Evergreen Projects is a great way to make friends, learn new skills and gain accreditation.

Part of a group of men who are sharing a common situation developing a bond and friendship finding it a great way to meet new people I can say I’ve achieved many great things being involved in the group.” Michael Bastida

It has made my decision on where I want to go now with my life and has given it propose and given added incentive to pursue the next chapter in my life of training hopefully as learning support assistant with either the county council or a local college. Being a trustee as well with Evergreen Projects means a lot to me. We are great men who get their hands dirty on a weekly basis” Anthony Bowen

I have enjoyed my work for the Evergreen Projects over the past year. When lockdown restrictions have been eased I have looked forward to working at Glebe Farm, Stone, with the group. It’s just great to work outdoors in the fresh air with friendly people. It has been beneficial to my mental and physical health. I recommend it to any male with mental health difficulties with a few hours’ time on their hands.” Ian Summers

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